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Sinead is a local photographer who has been learning her craft for the past three years. She is a founding member of the Woman in Photography group based in Thanet and regularly exhibits with them.

Sinead is passionate about telling stories through her work and enjoys seeking out unique interpretations of familiar scenes and objects.

This Thanet Raw exhibition has given Sinead the opportunity to produce images that show Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate from a different perspective. Although she loves the glorious sunsets and seascapes that Thanet offers, she feels her work here provides the counterpoint to them.



This massive puddle behind the Winter Gardens in Margate provided a perfect reflection of the graffiti on the walls of the building. I love because it showed that raw beauty can be found even in seemingly desolate locations.

Signed limited edition print.

Black frame & 4cm white mount.

Overall size 40 x 53cm.     £75.00



I saw these scooters parked up on the flood defence sand barrier Viking Bay beach in Broadstairs on a winter afternoon. Their owners were busy splashing around in wellies with their mums down at the water's edge. The beach was otherwise deserted and eerie. The scooters and green bucket seemed to be waiting patiently for the humans to return. I snuck up and took a series of shots before the kids and mums noticed.

Signed limited edition print.

Black frame & 4cm white mount

Overall size 40 x 53cm.  £75.00



On the same winter beach walk I found a Mickey Mouse hat by the notice requesting people not to feed the gulls. I thought it would be funny to try and make it look like Mickey Mouse was enforcing the law on the beach, so I popped the hat on top of the pole that the notice was attached to . I love the way Mickey is looking down at the sign with a crazed look in his eyes!

Signed limited edition print.

Black frame & 4cm white mount.

Overall size 40 x 53cm.    £75.00


A bit out of focus, a bit shaky, a bit grainy, a bit rainy.....that's how the day felt, so that's how I shot this view looking down Broadstairs High Street

Signed limited edition print.

Black frame and 4cm white mount.

Overall size 37 x 54cm.   £75.00


THANET IS...    

This piece of graffiti on a wall in St Peter's actually says "Thanet is Fantastic" but I cropped it so that the statement is left open for the viewer to complete. My own relationship with Thanet is complex. I was born here, moved away, stayed away for the best part of two decades, and moved back. I can understand why those recently arrived love it, but I have a mixed bag of feelings about it so........

Signed limited edition print.

Black frame  & 4cm white mount.

Overall size 39 x 54cm.   £75.00


These signs are to be found down by the old port in Ramsgate. Although no tourists are likely to venture down there now, I saw them and imagined a scenario where they did, and ended up confused and lost because of the lack of clarity provided by something intended to be helpful. It's also an observation of how nature in this part of town has been left to its own devices. Truly Thanet in the raw.

Signed limited edition print.

Black frame & 4cm white mount.

Overall size 41 x 54cm.   £75.00


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