Rob Clarke

An exhibition of prints, photography and objects which highlight 'traffic' in our daily lives, from thoughts, feelings and information which is often masked and has a constant bombardment of media attention.

Rob was an Engineer who came to the creative world in later life, with a liking for materials and images formed from a by product of other processes.

Elements of Completion


The final piece of work evolved from elements of the original proposed work, a chair for the viewer, a form of sculpture, multiple screen printed, wall mounted steel plates, and a video on loop as a background. The video has gone, the metal plates have changed to smaller plastic card and the chair has become a photographed maquette.

The reason, a change of environment.

The resolved work is an arrangement of 100 bio-degradable plastic cards, measuring 85mm x 55mm.

I have used cards because they provide a background for the image. They also satisfy my need for clean, sharp cut objects. Coming from an engineering background, this is important to me. They are mounted on a sheet of mild steel (1250mm x 630mm)

The plastic cards are covered with clear tape. On the tape is a chosen image, the image being made by a dye transfer process. The process consists of sticking the tape to a printed image, the paper is then washed away from behind. The image that is left is opaque, even vague.