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Submissions wanted - 'SPACE' Exhibition

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

McGillan & Woodell are delighted to announce their third open submission request for entries into their exhibition entitled 'Space'

Space can be interpreted in any way you wish - anything from your garden to a galaxy (and beyond ;-)

We would love to have submissions in the form of art, photography, sculpture and in any medium: paint, clay, metal, glass, paper etc. You have carte blanche to create and submit anything.

You may submit up to three pieces. Please send photographs to:

The last date for submissions is 26th July 2018.

Please note - There will be a £10 hanging/display fee per piece for successful entries.

The exhibition will be held from Thursday 27th September 2018 for 2 weeks and three winners will have a joint exhibition in the gallery before Christmas.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck!

Peter and Lizzie


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