Mark Stanford

Mark lives in Ramsgate and has worked at Ramsgate Royal Harbour all his working life. He's never without his camera and his current job on the Pilot Boat helps him to capture lots of stunning and unusual images of his hometown and the surrounding coastline.

THIS ISLAND RAW is mark's first exhibition and he's enjoyed the process of putting his contribution to the show together.



I was walking on the beach in Ramsgate one morning after work watching the sun come up when I stumbled (literally) upon this lone vessel aground on the sand. I took this shot as a different take on capturing a sunrise.    



Black frame & white mount.

Overall size 41 x 54cm.   £75.00 


This shotwas the result of a meander by the Boating Lake in Ramsgate. I remember stopping to take in the sweet smell of a hedgerow and listen to the cacophony of birds singing, when I saw this mirror image.



Black frame & white mount.

Overall size 38 x 54cm.   £75.00 



North-east bound, with their sails catching the gentle breeze, which one will be the first to cross the line? I loved the way the sun illuminated the sails and made the sea sparkle.

Black frame & white mount.

Overall size 29 x 54cm.   £75.00


A welcoming sight for some, maybe?

Enticing, nay, beckoning, one to explore further, heart beating faster in anticipation..... The Horse & Groom is my local, and one of the loveliest pubs in Ramsgate. I can't wait to get back there for a pint!

Black frame & white mount.

Overall size 41 x 54cm.  £75.00



I'm lucky that my job gives me access to the harbour at times of day when there's hardly a soul around to witness its spectacular beauty. On this morning I was enthralled by the masterpiece painted by the rising sun on the canvas of the sky. Splashes of gold, orange, black...what more could you ask for to make you feel alive! Here the Cervia tugboat is silhouetted against it.

Black frame & white mount.

Overall size 41 x 54cm.  £75.00


I took this shot while paying my respects to the war dead in Ramsgate cemetery. The snow prompted me to imagine the servicemen buried here trudging through the snow and mud of the world war 2 battlefields. I took solace in thinking they will now be reunited with their comrades and a t peace.

Black frame & white mount.

Overall size 41 x 54cm.  £75.00


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