Lisa Kalloo

Since the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020 I have been indoors watching from the bedroom window.


Day in and day out. Have only ventured out 11 times in over a year so my perspective over this past year has predominantly been from the front bedroom window.


The windows face a crossroads into the town I live in.


At night I would experience disturbing dreams relative to what was observed during the days (and nights) outside my window.


These images form part of a wider narrative mostly catalogued.


The images are more metaphorical and portray my dream visions in a symbolic way.


As such my attitude towards taking shots is more as a stream of unconsciousness drawing from references to these dreams/nightmares.


I use experimental techniques to achieve the results in the images and as such are barely touched in post-processing.


Thank you for gleaning into my world.

All pieces come framed and are £180.00 each. Please email us for more information

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Deliverance #1

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Deliverance #3

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Deliverance  #5

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Deliverance #7

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Deliverance #9

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Deliverance #11

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Deliverance #13

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Deliverance #15

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Deliverance #2

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Deliverance #4

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Deliverance #6

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Deliverance #8

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Deliverance #16

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Born in London
Raised in Basingstoke

Studied London and Wolverhampton University.
Lives in Ramsgate

Studied law.
Moved into the publishing world; (T.V, Radio, Newspapers, education et al).
Started as a professional photographer around 2002.
Documented a number of events locally and abroad for notable
journalists, writers, public figures and establishments.

Indo-Caribbean heritage, BAME and LGBTQA+ artist.

Moved into fine art photography.
Regular column visual poetry ELNET interpreting poetry in translation
into fine art images.
Artwork for magazines, books etc. (including the first gay poetry in
translation magazine in England: The Riveter). Featured in This
Detailed Life, The Pictorialist and contributed to a number of local

Continually reading and educating myself on art history and the realms
of photography that intrigue me and this is reflected in my work at
any given time.

Exhibited in a number of galleries (see website for further details -

Latest book (with Anna Błasiak, poet): Café

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