Katrina Dallamore

I am interested in colour and whilst studying Fine Art at university, I came across ‘The Art of Colour’ by Johannes Itten. In this book he states, that for any artist to understand colour, they must at first deal with ‘Contrast’.

From this moment on I became intrigued by the broad and very subtle constrasts

of colour. I work from observation and am constantly amased by the vast range of colour contrast in our environment.

Please email us if you are interested in any of these pieces


After studying art and design, I worked for several years as an illustrator and then moved into graphic design where I ran DW Design for many years. Later I gained a teaching qualification and taught art in several colleges and prisons. In 2017 I completed a degree in Fine Art at Canterbury Christ Church University, achieving a First in painting and printing. 

After studying observational colour harmonies with the life model for several years my work naturally developed towards a reductive practice, where I am concerned with the exploration of colour.

I now teach small groups in Ramsgate and continue to develop my personal work as a painter and print maker. My teaching is grounded in the values of observational drawing and painting, as I believe this gives students the skills to then develop their own style and creative voice.