Alison Jones - 'Face to Face'

Dark Days.jpeg
'Dark Days' - Framed, Limited Edition Print - 20" x 16" - £140
Mercy WM
'Mercy' - Framed, Signed Print - 9" x 9" - £50
Gigi WM
'Gigi' - Framed Limited Edition Signed Print - 20" x 16" - £140

Alison Jones - in her own words.....

I’ve lived an eclectic life.   I was born in Upstate NY in 1960 to creative parents. In 1970 at the age of ten we relocated to Maine, which at that time was at the forefront of the Back To The Land Movement. Surrounded by artists, writers and free thinking people I learned a new way of looking and thinking about life and nature, which started me on my journey of becoming an artist.   

In my 20’s to early 30’s I started a family on a remote island off the coast of Maine in Penobscot Bay.  With no electricity, running water, TV and isolated for the winter months, I focused on printmaking, cooked on a wood cook stove and made our own clothes on a treadle sewing machine, while also home schooling my two children. I also started a small baking business during the summer months, catering to other local islands, serviced by a seasonal mail boat.  

Baking became my mainstay and career.   

We left our island life in 1992, traveled throughout the mid west and then found ourselves back in Maine, bought 40 acres on a hill top off of a dead end dirt road and started building our home from scratch. Again no electricity or running water, we were homesteaders in the 21st century. This turned out to be a mad idea. When my two children graduated from high school, my partnership with my husband split up and I found myself in my early 40’s on my own in the woods.   

But from there I was able to travel and free myself from an isolated and often confining life.  

I traveled to the West Indies where I got a seasonal job cooking for the cast of a TV pilot, which then enabled me to travel to South East Asia and backpack with my daughter through Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand. I worked as a cook on historic wooden schooners (cooking on a wood stove!) and then in 2008 I moved to England where I find myself today, on the Kent coast.  

At 60 I have finally found my artist voice, one that has been whispering and guiding me all along. I have always lived a creative life, have always made and created art but haven’t allowed my self to be the artist I have always believed myself to be.  The constant in my life has always been paper, design, bold patterns, texture and textiles.  

I Love You WM
'I love You'- Framed, Limited Edition Print - 20" x 16" - £140
Oakley WM
'Oakley' - Framed. Signed Print
- 9" x 9" - £50
Rae WM
'Rae' - Framed Limited Edition Signed Print - 25" x 21" - £165
Verity WM
'Verity' - Framed, Signed Print - 9" x 9" - £50
Prue WM
'Prue' - Framed, Signed Print - 
9" x 9" - £50
Marin WM
'Marin' - Framed, Signed Print - 9" x 9" - £50

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