Jo Turner


My fused glass work looks to exploring colour texture and producing the illusion of movement in glass.

All of my pieces are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to eliminate stress that is introduced into the glass during the making process, and to ensure the glass is strong and durable. 


My ceramic creations are very organic in nature and mostly inspired by the sea but you will find the off 'dark' piece within my collections.  

Having a scientific background,  I try to bring together the technical aspects of form and materials, expressed as art.  

Exploring the links between science, art and environment, my work draws upon aspects of the natural world.


Much of my sculptural and glass work is inspired by the sea, living coral and how materials are affected by the passage of time, beneath the waves.


I design my own glazes to mimic nature, such as barnacles, lava and tarnished metal.  I use reclaimed clay and recycled glass in much of my work.