Last year we ran a 'lockdown' competition where we invited you to submit your artwork and show us what you were working on. We were overwhelmed with the submissions and standard of work and consequently ended up choosing six winners instead of the three planned.
This exhibition is the second featuring Sue Ferrer and Julia Rogers

Sue Ferrer

Sue Ferrer - In her own words:

My Art is inspired by my surroundings and observations on walks with my dog Fin in and around my home in Ramsgate which is a place I love.

I enjoy immersing myself in nature and this can be seen in my work which Is mostly in clay, sometimes collage, oils or acrylics, I especially love experimenting with pattern in nature and lino printing. 

I have had a long teaching career in ceramics and art and design and I now use my skills and training as a ‘person centred’ art therapist in a local primary school.

‘Imaging’ art therapy style is also often a great starting point for my art and clay work as can be seen in my ‘Lockdown’ piece which was created during lockdown 1.

I have a passion for looking after our environment which can also be seen in my work, the latest of which- ‘seriously?’ is quite a dark comment on what is happening with our wildlife. I hoped that this work would help to raise awareness of the plight our wildlife faces everyday at the hands of the human race.

Julia Rogers

Julia - In her own words:


I use colour intuitively for processing ideas and paint is the vehicle for gesture and movement. In my paintings you will see the energy inherent in the speed and direction of paint which is applied intuitively, marking the canvas, drawing into wet paint, wiping, scratching, sanding. The act of painting is very physical and is very much like a structured improvisation. My work balances composition and the uncontrollable moments of action, accidental scratches, slips and flow of paint.